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Dalston - Coal
Troy Ellington

After a 2 weeks of using I have noticed a considerable less amount of headaches. Awesome product if using screens all day

Brooklyn - Rosé
skye blue
No more eye twitching or headaches

I will be buying another pair for sure I get no headaches and no eye twitching since I purchased. I also sleep better .

Brooklyn - Rosé
rhiannan pitts
Love them.

LOVE them. Love that they are not oversized, just nicely sized and looking smart. I was a bit worried the rose quartz colour would be too pink. But it was perfect and subtle. Just adds a bit more class and a bit softer on my skin tone (pale). Thanks guys

Kallio - Cobalt Tortoise
Tatiana Maria Colorado Marin
I love it!!

Comfortable glasses if you want to read and work for a long time in front of the computer.

Bondi - Quartz
Patricia Wetere
Absolutely Fabulous 👌

The quality of my glasses look and feel absolutely amazing. They are a great bye and will highly recommend them to anyone and everyone out there.

Helping already

My daughter has been using her migraine glasses for over a week now and her headaches have subsided already! Thank you! Glad I found your website :)

Bondi - Quartz
Sam Gurung

Very helpful

Bondi - Quartz
Emily Ivaneza

Perfect product in every way! I only just received these and already wanting to buy additional pairs.


Bondi - Matte Black
Bondi- Matte Black

Awesome for my work day looking at screens all day!

Mykonos - Pink Sands
Harry Simpson

So far they work simple and stylish happy with the purchase

Dalston - Coal
Colin Lamont

I had recommended the glasses to friends they have since purchased 2 items

I have pry hashed another pair for Mum


Brooklyn - Rosé
Maria Smith
Light as a cloud

Wow! As I put them on for the first time it felt soft and comfortable and it hasn’t irritated the sides of my nose. I wear them all day and do not hurt at all. These are the best and they are well worth it. Buying is a must. Thank you Widok. Definitely will buy another pair.

Dalston - Coal
Susan Futialo
Love it

Makes a huge difference, recommend it for family and friends. Hope you’ll create kids glasses in the future.

Kallio - Maple Tortoise
Sophie Sherlock

so pretty, and they work wonders. Being a school student I have spent hours looking at my computer screen, and I haven’t had sore eyes or a headache since getting them!

Fast delivery

Excellent product

Who knew?

As someone with full vision and working with screens all day, I have had prescription reading glasses before for visual enhancement and they’ve always resulted in sore eyes and tiredness. Wearing Widok I was amazed at how the blue light difference served as both the sharpness and colour rendering I needed. This is the way of the future.

5 star rating

I purchased these for my daughter who does a lot of study on the computer she was amazed at how the bright white is taken off the screen less harsh on the eyes for sure!! She thoroughly recommends them

Bondi - Quartz
Chase Reynolds
Great product

Lightweight, nice looking and effective.

Widok glasses

Brilliant eye protection on digital screens.

Brooklyn - Quartz
Ali Shukri

It looks great and feels great

Brooklyn - Rosé
Collette Iorfino
Stylish & high quality

Fast delivery, colour was beautiful & they look extremely stylish overall very happy

Dalston - Coal
Luella Wallace
Love it

Very comfortable on the face. See clearly when reading my mobile and book😊

Brooklyn - Quartz
Violett Poynter

You really won’t regret buying a pair of these glasses! I work behind a computer a lot and I haven’t had any headaches since wearing them! 😊


I am usually 6 plus Panadol per day. Office working with 2 x screens 9hrs per day. Since having the Widok eyewear, no more headaches, no more panadol, these glasses are truely amazing. Will be ordering another pair in a different colour just to mix it up.