Bondi - Matte Black


About the Frames:

Bondi are the new kids on the block. Available in Quartz and Matte Black, Bondi are a refined, complimentary frame, designed to fit most face-shapes and skin tones.

Inspired by the ever popular, sweeping eastern beaches of Bondi. These frames encompass the trendy, laid-back nature of their namesake.

All Widok frames come with Widok's leading W+ blue-light filtering lenses.

Brooklyn Measurements:

Measurements (mm's) – 48 - 22 - 145

Frames are unisex.

Free Shipping (AUS & NZ) & Easy Returns.

All glasses boast non-prescription lenses, which block up to 50% of blue light. They are UV protected, anti-reflective, glare & scratch resistant.

Our frames are made from lightweight, high grade cellulose acetate with sturdy spring hinges.


What is Blue Light? 

Blue light (HEV) sits in the middle of the ‘light spectrum’, between visible light and ultraviolet light (UV). Sunlight is our main source of natural blue light, which is why we associate blue light consumption with daylight. Man-made sources of blue light include computers, phone, TVs and tablets, which emit significant amounts of blue light in close proximity to our eyes.

*Fun fact – HEV (blue light) rays are what make the sky look blue!

How Does it Affect Me?

With the increase in the use of technology and the proximity of our screens to our eyes, this blue light can have an affect on our overall eye health. Eye strain and headaches are among the most common side affects of harmful blue light consumption, as well as restlessness and trouble sleeping due to the association of blue light with daylight, often tricking the mind into thinking it’s time to get moving.

• Blocks out up to 50% of harmful blue-violet light.

• Eliminates digital eye strain

• Improves sleep quality

• Alleviate headaches

• Helps increase productivity

• Prevents dry eyes & blurry vision

Customer Reviews

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Selina Sau

Amazing 🤩

Peter Sleiman

Bondi - Matte Black

Bondi- Matte Black

Awesome for my work day looking at screens all day!

Kim Porter
5 star rating

I purchased these for my daughter who does a lot of study on the computer she was amazed at how the bright white is taken off the screen less harsh on the eyes for sure!! She thoroughly recommends them