Simple Steps to Boosting Your Productivity.

Do you ever look at some people and wonder how on Earth they manage to get so much stuff done? You might think those 5 cups of coffee a day are helping you ‘get it done’, but we can assure you, they’re not. 

Luckily for you, there are plenty of other ways to boost those productivity levels and get more done in your day; because who doesn’t want that? 

1. Reduce your distractions

Turn off those bells & chimes, close those consuming social feeds, or right hook that chatty co-worker (ill advised). It’s hugely important to switch off to distractions as they’re the ultimate productivity killer. Throwing on a pair of headphones can help, but being conscious about your habits is the true key to boosting that productivity.

A handy tip is to practice uninterrupted work for a full hour. Turn off your emails & notifications and use that hour to work productively, uninterrupted and get as much done as you can. If it’s working for you, extend those hours!

2. Make a list & Be Organised

Being organised and planning your day is crucial to productivity. Have your meetings and movements in a calendar and properly delegate time for your tasks.

Lists are a fantastic way to keep track. You can prioritise what you have to do and keep yourself focused on the task at hand. Better yet, it gives you a real sense of achievement as you grind your way through those jobs, ticking them off one at a time. Because who doesn’t love scratching a thick line through those annoying jobs?

3. Keep your workspace tidy

You are going to work much more productively without any unnecessary, cluttered junk. It’s as simple as that. Having your workspace tidy and minimal will promote fewer distractions and likely have you turning out better work in quicker time.

We suggest only having the bare necessities front and centre. Keep things clean and simple so you can maintain concentration on what matters. It’s important that your tools have a proper home as well. There’s nothing worse than wasting 5 minutes looking for that damn pen of yours.

4. Run the right gear

It should come as no surprise how important having the right tool is. You can’t hammer a nail in with your fist, and we’d suggest you didn’t try.

Invest in your productivity. Make sure you have what you need to function efficiently. Whether it’s as small as a comfortable, ergonomic keyboard and mouse, a standing desk or some new software. Give yourself every chance to work successfully.

5. Wear your new frames

Your Widok computer glasses will be your best friend. Our gorgeous specs are designed to reduce the symptoms of digital eye strain and have you working more comfortably for longer periods. 

Prevent eye irritation and discomfort. Rid of those nasty headaches. Throw on your Widok frames and get more out of your day. It’s a no brainer!